Our Prices

     It is most difficult to give firm prices without actually seeing the work to be done. We know that at great distances, this is neither possible nor practical. Therefore, we will attempt to give you the best estimate we can under the circumstances. In many instances, we can give a rough estimate from e-mail photos. However, pictures do not always reveal all defects or things that need attention, so to get a close estimate a firsthand examination is necessary.
     If you will send your book for in hand inspection, we will examine the book immediately upon arrival. Usually we will contact you, within 24 hours to discuss the treatment your book requires and what that treatment will cost. If for some reason, you decide not to have the work done, you pay only return shipping.

Methods of payment accepted

We accept personal checks, Check-By-Phone, Money orders, PayPal, and credit cards through PayPal, .


It is sometimes the case, where customers want their books restored, but the cost is more than they are readily able to pay. We have the solution for this. We allow the customer to take as long as they need to pay while sending regular monthly payments. For example: If you need a year to pay, we can take twelve monthly payments while the work on the book(s) progresses. By the time their final payment is made, their book(s) is ready to ship. This plan works well and has proved to be quite popular with our customers. We charge no interest with these plans.

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